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If you’re looking for homes that are some of the oldest in the country, then you might want to consider looking at Granby CT homes. Granby CT real estate is attractive to people who value history and a long-standing community. Greg Heineman will inform you of the various benefits that Granby real estate has to offer you. However, you also might want to take the time to learn a bit more about the area yourself.


Granby homes are in a region that was incorporated in 1786 and is located on Connecticut’s northern border close to Massachusetts. Traditionally, the community has been primarily rural and residential. As was most of Connecticut back in the early settlement days, Granby was traditionally a Puritan community. The Puritans moved to the area in hopes of attaining religious freedom where they could worship without fear of persecution. 

Parks and Recreation

Granby homes for sale are attractive to the Granby home buyer who wants to be near parks and other places that glorify Granby’s natural beauty. The mission of Granby’s parks and recreational facilities is to provide residents and visitors with places where they may enjoy active or passive activities in the astounding nature of Granby. Some of the most popular amenities that the city offers are the soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, pond, bus trips and ski programs. 

Attractions and Activities

The attractions near Granby properties are another thing that they have going for them. People who want to be conveniently located near plenty of attractions will be pleased not only with what Granby itself has to offer but with what its surrounding areas have to offer as well. Granby is located close to Hartford, which is the state’s capitol and is where many attractions lie. Enders Falls is one of the most popular attractions in Granby with its breathtaking waterfalls. This beautiful natural wonder is a favorite for many residents and should not be missed. 


Many events happen near the real estate in Granby. This is another one of the factors that makes homes for sale in Granby attractive to potential homebuyers. Examples of the types of events hosted in the area include the Labor Day Concert, Book Talk sessions, festivals, tours and more. 

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